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Steel machine feed rollers for all types of woodworking machines.


Our steel machine feed rollers


The metal range offer high quality hardened steel with an optional chromium surface layer, this offers extra durability and considerably improved life cycle. Helix-toothed or Chromium plated with combination of 50mm width for wet timber. It is also possible for us to offer a re-grinding facility for all worn metal feed rollers.

Our steel feed roller’s range includes, but is not limited to, the following:


140-50-35-10 Z Weinig chrom
140-30-35-10 Z Weinig chrom
140-25-35-10 Z Weinig chrom
140-20-35-10 Z Weinig chrom
140-15-35-10 Z Weinig chrom
140-10-35-10 Z Weinig chrom
140-50-30-8 Z Weinig chrom
140-30-30-8 Z Weinig chrom
140-20-30-8 Z Weinig chrom
140-15-30-8 Z Weinig chrom
140-50-30-3V Z Weinig chrom
140-30-30-3V Z Weinig chrom
140-25-30-3V Z Weinig chrom
140-20-30-3V Z Weinig chrom
140-15-30-3V Z Weinig chrom
170-50-35-10 Z Weinig chrom
140-30-35-10 Z Weinig chrom
170-25-35-10 Z Weinig chrom
170-20-35-10 Z Weinig chrom
170-15-35-10 Z Weinig chrom
170-50-35-3V Z Weinig chrom
170-30-35-3V Z Weinig chrom
170-25-35-3V Z Weinig chrom
170-20-35-3V Z Weinig chrom
170-15-35-3V Z Weinig chrom


140-50-30-8 Z Gubisch chrom

140-30-30-8 Z Gubisch chrom

140-25-30-8 Z Gubisch chrom



140-50-25 Z Wadkin chrom

140-20-25 Z Wadkin chrom

140-10-25 Z Wadkin chrom



140-50-35 Z SCM chrom

140-30-35 Z SCM chrom

140-25-35 Z SCM chrom

140-20-35 Z SCM chrom

140-20-35-3V Z SCM chrom

140-50-30-4V SCM chrom

120-50-30 Z SCM chrom

120-20-30 Z SCM chrom



120-56-30-3V Z Chuet chrom

120-100-30-3V Z Chuet chrom


160-50-35-10 Z Verboom chrom

160-25-35-10 Z Verboom chrom



140-50-30-6 Z Lestro chrom



120-50-25 Z Guilliet chrom

120-20-25 Z Guilliet chrom



130-50-25-8 Z TSN chrom

130-30-25-8 Z TSN chrom

130-25-25-8 Z TSN chrom

130-20-25-8 Z TSN chrom

130-50-30-8 Z TSN chrom

130-25-30-8 Z TSN chrom

130-20-30-8 Z TSN chrom



165-50 Z Harbs chrom

165-35 Z Harbs chrom

180-80 Z Harbs chrom

180-50 Z Harbs chrom

180-35 Z Harbs chrom



120-20-25 Z Vierseiter chrom

120-15-25 Z Vierseiter chrom


All specials can be made on request. Contact us for more information and pricing.
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